The World’s Architecture

The history of architecture follows what cultures, traditions, religions, and trends that existed through the time that man has existed on earth. From the very first stone-age cave to modern skyscrapers every building has laid its mark on world architecture.

How Architecture Has Changed Over Time


  These periods are roughly broken down into Neolithic, Antiquity, Islamic, African, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, East Asia, Pre-Columbian, Europe, Europe and the Colonies, and the 21st Century.


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What Makes The Neo-Eclectic Architecture Style Unique


The 20th century was known as the era of modernism in architecture. A lot of houses built in this era were built in the style of simplicity, futurism, and innovation that characterized modern architecture. Popular materials built into modern homes include glass windows and roofs, metal accents and furnishings, and preference to open and wide […]

5 Blog Websites That Inspire Every Aspiring Architect

Inspire Every

At present, diaries and magazines have found their electronic counterpart in the form of blogs. Both amateurs and experts fill these online journals and e-magazines with helpful and entertaining information on a particular theme, subject or topic of choice. The same could be said in the case of architecture as a field.  Leading architects, authorities, […]

The Architectural History Behind Revolving Restaurants


Architecture makes every boring building or structure look beautiful and savvy, especially residential buildings and structures that you travel on or visit. In recent times, architecture has seen an increase in connection to technology than ever before. With buildings that are designed to allow projection of images onto their exterior and monuments that give the […]

Architectural Wonders About the 2019 Super Bowl Stadium


Architecture is when you create buildings and structures for the benefit of the community. Structures like hospitals and bridges are common efforts and are familiar with feats and accomplishments. However, architecture can be hard, but the rewards are amazing. Some of the most popular and mind-blowing pieces of modern architecture include include the Eiffel tower […]

The Statue of Liberty

Liberty Island

The Statue of Liberty is probably the most iconic sculpture (or structure) in the world today. Although there are many replicas of the statue all over the world, the main one is in the harbor of New York. Of all the buildings in the world, the Statue of Liberty is a statement – a statement […]

The World’s Most Amazing Architecture – Part 3

The North Portico exterior of the White House is illuminated pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Oct. 1, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Sonya N. Hebert)

The third and final part of our blog to discover the world’s most amazing architecture travels to London, Kuala Lumpur and Washington. These three iconic buildings represent completely different periods in time and history. A nation’s buildings do not just act as a piece of useful architecture they also represent a country’s heritage and culture. […]

The World’s Most Amazing Architecture – Part 2

La Pedrera

We continue our search for the world’s most amazing buildings in part two of our blog. Part one highlighted both modern and ancient masterpieces from Beijing to Prague, and in this blog we look at modern architecture in New Delhi and more classical in the city of Cologne. The Lotus Temple – New Delhi A […]

The World’s Most Amazing Architecture – Part 1

Nationale-Nederlanden Building

What makes a town or city beautiful? And what differentiates one place from another? The answer is simple, it is the architecture and buildings that makes a location unique, and anybody that is inspired by beauty cannot help but be moved by famous buildings. In this blog we look at some of the most amazing […]

The World’s Most Amazing Bridges – Part 2


Our second part of the greatest bridges in the world takes us to Asia and Europe and we see even more amazing structures that span iconic rivers and bays. The first of our bridges featured is in China and it is the awesome Tsing Ma bridge that is in Hong Kong. Tsing Ma Bridge – […]

The World’s Most Amazing Bridges – Part 1


One of the finest forms of architecture is the bridge, as far back as man trod the earth he has been finding ways to ford obstacles of some form or other. From a simple tree trunk over a stream, to a way of connecting continents, the bridge and mankind have always had a symbiotic relationship. […]

What Is Classic Architecture


You might have heard the expression classic architecture, but what does it mean? How can modern building be built in the classical way? In this blog we try to answer these and other questions about classic architecture, and throw some light on the terminology used. Classic architecture strictly refers to architecture of ancient Greece and […]

Famous Architects of the 20th Century – Part 2

Philip Johnson

The second part of our expose of the most famous architects of the world looks at the marvellous buildings and structures that adorn our planet from brilliant designers. We start our architectural journey with somebody that was famous for his prairie-style building design, Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright Some admirers of Frank Lloyd Wright’s […]